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      276 Lake Avenue
      Greenwich, CT 06830


      (203) 869-1300


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  • Guest Information
      The display of papers in the dining areas and living room is not permitted. If a business meeting is planned, please check with the receptionist in advance to reserve an available private room.

      LUNCH – Wednesday through Sunday
      • Smart Casual. Denim is permitted.
      • Tennis attire is permitted in the Grill Room and Terrace.
      DINNER – Wednesday through Friday and Sunday
      • Smart Casual. Denim is permitted.
      • Tennis attire is permitted in the Grill Room and Terrace.
      Saturday Night Only
      • Jacket – Tie optional (Main Dining Room or Grill Room)
      • Jacket is not required on the Terrace during the summer season.

      The Field Club values its roles as a sanctuary where family and friends gather to play sports or enjoy a meal together. Quiet enjoyment of our facilities is not consistent with active discussion on cell phones. Use of cellular phones for making or receiving telephone calls is prohibited on the Club grounds unless the user is seated in a parked automobile. Such incident will result in a letter from the Secretary to the Member as follows: a) first offense, a warning; b) second offense, suspension of the Member’s Club privileges for 30 days; c) third offense, review of Member’s Club membership status by the Executive committee. Members are directly responsible for their guests’ behavior. Phones are available for local calls.
      Use of electronic communication devices for non-telephonic purposes is permitted on Club grounds only if conducted in a manner which does not intrude on others’ ability to enjoy using the Club’s facilities. Such use is never allowed within the Clubhouse or the outside dining area adjacent to the Clubhouse, and violations will be subject to the same sanctions as telephonic violations.
      Members are directly responsible for their children’s and their guests’ behavior with respect to all of these regulations.

      No pets are welcome at any time in the Clubhouse, the pool area or at any place where there is dining or where children are present.

      The Field Club of Greenwich has an "all white attire" rule while playing tennis including trim and shoes. Hats are to be worn facing forward. Hats are not permitted to be worn inside Clubhouse dining areas.